Lunch – Appetizers

YUCCA OR POTATO HUANCAINA                                                                  $ 4.00

Fried  yucca or boiled potato with white farmer cheese and Peruvian yellow pepper

PAPA RELLENA                                                                                                        $ 4.50

Mashed potato filled with ground beef, olives, and raisins, served with onion relish

CHICKEN TAMAL                                                                                                     $ 3.50

Ground corn with chicken, served with onion salad


Mashed potato with Peruvian yellow pepper stuffed with chicken $ 4.50

Mashed potato with Peruvian yellow pepper stuffed with crab $ 7.50

FRIED CALAMARI                                                                                                   $ 5.50

Served with onion salad and homemade tartar sauce and fried yucca

EMPANADA AJI DE GALLINA (2)                                                                     $ 5.99

Filo pasta stuffed with shredded chicken with Peruvian yellow pepper sauce