Lunch – House Dishes

AJI DE GALLINA                                                                                                           $ 7.89

Shredded chicken in a creamy Peruvian yellow pepper sauce served with white rice

SECO DE RES                                                      $ 8.50

Beef braised in cilantro, served with rice and navy beans


Peruvian style chicken fried rice $ 7.50

Peruvian style seafood fried rice $ 9.99

LOMO O POLLO SALTADO                            $ 9.99

Beef or chicken breast sautéed with onions and tomato served with rice and French fries

ARROZ CON MARISCOS – PERUVIAN PAELLA                                         $ 9.99

Steamed seafood rice with saffron

Jalea Mixta                                                                                                                  $ 9.99

Deed fried seafood served with yucca and onion relish

PESCADO A LO MACHO                                                                                         $ 9.99

Fish fillet in a creamy Peruvian yellow pepper sauce with seafood

Corvina a la parrilla con sal & limon (choice steak/ chicken)                   $ 9.99

Grilled fish filet marinade just with salt & lemon served with sautéed vegetables

Tacu-tacu a lo pobre                                                                                               $ 9.99

Breaded steak served with beans & rice patty, sweet plantain and egg