Dinner – Appetizers

Yucca huancaina – Fried Yucca 5.00

With creamy aji amarillo sauce

Fried Calamari 8.00

With yucca, tartar sauce & onion relish

Papa a la Huancaina 5.00

Boiled potato topped with a creamy and spicy cheese sauce

Choclo con Queso y Huancaina 5.00

Peruvian corn & white cheese

Half Fish Ceviche 8.99

Raw fish cooked in lime juice

Tamal Peruano 5.50

Pork Tamale

Choros a la Chalaca 8.00

Mussels w/ diced tomatoes, onions

& corn in Ceviche style

Papa rellena 5.00

Mashed potato filled with ground beef & served with onion relish

House salad 5.00

Spring Mix, tomatoes, cucumbers,  carrots and corn, house dressing

Camarones al Ajillo 8.00

Shrimp in garlic sauce